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Small Business Gift Guide Part 1: For the kiddos!

November 20, 2020

The holidays are just around the corner and this year I felt particularly convicted to shop small for ALL of my gifts this year. Small businesses need our financial support more than ever so I’m hoping you’ll join me and that these next few blogs give you some good gifting ideas! I created this Small Business Gift Guide to make your search a little easier and today we’ll be starting off with the kid’s gift ideas! Part 2 (for the Ladies!) and Part 3 (the Guys!) will be coming at you next!

When it comes to kids toys, I’m a minimalist and love choosing open-ended toys. You might be thinking “What are open-ended toys?” Well I’m glad you asked! According to “Open-ended toys are the opposite of close-ended toys in that they do not have a definite ending point.  These are toys such as doll houses, play food, blocks, buildings, cars and action figures.  They can be used in many different ways and really promote pretend play, expand language and encourage interaction with others.  Open-ended toys tend to promote more social play and encourage creativity.” They also tend to be made of natural materials and don’t require batteries- eco friendly and no annoying noise making toys? Win win! Open-ended toys tend to be more expensive than plastic, close ended-ones but are 100% worth the investment in my opinion and last forever.

So let’s get started! I chose mostly open-ended toys (with the exception of a few) because they keep my kiddos entertained for HOURS and some other fun stuff for your little people! Hope this gives you some good ideas and introduces you to some AWESOME small businesses!


All Love Cotton Button Romper from ROOLEE. They have this in a couple different colors and it’s just so stinkin’ cute!!

Our Little Adventures Book Set by Fox Hollow Studios.

I also really love…well…ALL the art prints for the kid’s rooms but specifically the woodland animal ones!

Organic, ethically made stuffed animals and dolls by the Hazel Village

(Addie STILL loves her Juliet Rabbit doll!!)

Giraffe Grasping Toy Bannor Toys. I love that you can add the little teething beads! The perfect little toy for developing those fine motor skills!

Roll a Rattle by Bannor Toys

Farmer’s Market Tote by New Creation (A non-profit that raises awareness about sex trafficking and funds rescues around the world)

Vines Swaddle from Rylee + Cru

Get $25 off your purchase by using this link!

 Pixie Bonnet | moss - Quincy Mae | Baby Basics | Baby Clothing | Organic Baby Clothes | Modern Baby Boy Clothes |

Sage bonnet from Quincy Mae

Seriously so cute!


Balance Board from Bellaluna Toys

Sensory Bin Tools Kit by Simply To Play on Etsy

Oat Mittens by Rylee + Cru

Get $25 off your purchase by using this link!

Cavallini & Co Vintage Themed Puzzles from Boston General Store

Puzzle options: Cacti & Succulents, Arboretum, Herbarium, Mineralogy, Celestial, Skeletal System, National Parks, Wildflowers, Honey & Bees, House Plants, and Butterflies.

Bath Bombs from Blume Organics for bath time fun!

For the boys! Set of Bow and Arrows by Adventure Awaits

*Don’t worry! The arrowheads are made of rubber!*

Hopefully that’s enough to get you started! Honestly I found so many more things from ALL these small businesses but I’ll let you discover them yourself! What’s your favorite gift idea from the list? Do you have more suggestions for small businesses that weren’t mentioned? Leave me a comment below! Part 2 of the Small Business Gift Guide is coming soon!

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