One-on-one boutique editing service to match your signature style

let's be honest

Friend, you have worked extremely hard to create a beautiful and heartfelt photography brand and it is a tremendous investment of your time. As a fine art wedding and portrait photographer myself, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain high quality edits during those busy months while managing your entire business AND also trying to find time for your family and loved ones.

Allow me to alleviate the time you spend behind the computer so you can cultivate that time to be more present in your business and personal life. I know it's hard to give up control of this specific part of your business, but trust me when I say it's definitely worth it.

Work-life balance as a photographer can feel impossible

Private Photo Editing Services

My photo editing clients are wedding and portrait photographers that value high quality edits and lean toward a more refined, elegant and timeless aesthetic. My goal with each client is to learn their specific editing style so that I can deliver consistent and quality catalogs that reflect their brand.

What's included in my services

  • 3-5 business day turnaround For Weddings
  • 1-3 Business Day turnaround for Portrait Sessions
  • Develop panel adjustments in Lightroom (including cropping and straightening)
  • Use of presets or profiles 
  • Drag and drop file exchange using WeShare
  • Private photo editor committed to investing in and learning your brand's unique aesthetic
  • Private photo Editor with 8+ years of wedding and portrait photography experience

"If you're looking for someone to save your time editing, you've found the perfect person!"

Dorota Kight Photography

"Sarah is the best! She pays attention to details, learns your editing style, listens to suggestions and delivers catalogs quickly! On top of that, she's very kind and pleasant to work with. She gives very detailed instructions on how to send the catalogs and always is happy to answer any questions. If you're looking for someone to save your time editing, you've found the perfect person!"

"She always takes such care of my galleries. The images are edited consistently + efficiently and they always turn out just how I envisioned them!"

-Maddie Kay PHotography

"Sarah has been my editor throughout my wedding photography season and has been a lifesaver! She always takes such care of my galleries. The images are edited consistently + efficiently and they always turn out just how I envisioned them! Her communication throughout the entire process is so appreciated.”



You can secure a spot on my client list for the year by filling out the application form below. I love fine art editing but it does take time so I'm only able to take on a handful of clients each year. I prefer to work with clients long-term so I'm able to learn their style and deliver consistent, quality catalogs every single time.

01. Become an editing client

The Process



I use an appointment based editing system so you can schedule your catalogs that currently need to be edited or you can schedule them all in advance. You'll have access to my editing calendar so you have flexibility to choose what dates works best. 

02. Book an editing time slot

The process



The download process is a simple drag and drop- no dropbox, software, or cloud based storage is required. Once your appointment is scheduled, you'll receive a pdf of instructions to help guide you through the process of uploading your catalog to my custom upload page.

03. Upload your catalog

The Process

Once I've finished editing your catalog, it will be delivered to you with an emailed download link. You'll follow simple import instructions and get to watch your photos change in moments! Weddings will be delivered 3-5 business days after the scheduled appointment. Portrait catalogs will be delivered 1-3 business days after the scheduled appointment.



04. Download & Enjoy

The Process

+ build a long term relationship with ONE editor that is dedicated to learning your style to create consistency with all of your wedding and portrait sessions

+ be able to focus on and grow in other aspects of your business (editorials, collaborations, blogs, etc)

+ have open, one-on-one communication that allows me to learn your specific style quickly and efficiently

+ have an editor with over 9 years of experience as a fine art wedding and portrait photographer

+ cultivate time to be more present and focused in your personal life doing the things you love- spending more time with your loved ones

You Will

When you invest in a private photo editor 

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I choose to take a limited number of editing clients each year so that I can dedicate my time, focus, and care to maintain the quality of their unique styles and brands. If you're interested in pricing, more information, or are ready to jump in with both feet, please fill out the form below!