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January 14, 2020

I recently took a poll on Instagram about what you wanted to see on the blog next and the overwhelming response was my daily life! I was so surprised! My life isn’t super extraordinary but I am so excited to share my daily routine with you and what it looks like to juggle working from home, homeschooling little ones, marriage, friendships and managing the home. But before we begin, here are two things to keep in mind as you read my post.

1. I follow a daily routine or rhythm, not an hourly schedule. I was too overwhelmed scheduling out my day by the hour (ex., if I didn’t accomplish a task by a specific time or my kids woke up earlier than normal then my whole schedule was thrown off) and instead decided to go with a routine.  Routines are fluid and flexible and allow you to accomplish what you need no matter what happens during your day. For writing/visual purposes, I’ve written out my daily routine as an hourly schedule so you can see how much time I usually spend on the different parts of my day. But just know that no two days are alike and the times vary!

2. I live in rural NY. The population in my town is about 700. So there isn’t much by way of shopping, restaurants, extra “things to do”, etc. We are living the slower lifestyle and actually liking that aspect of rural living. There’s a lot more outdoor exploring, fishing, and things like that. Adeline also gets carsick and when you combine that with winding mountain roads- let’s just say we tend to be a bit more selective about how often we drive places and run errands that are 30min or more away.

Without further ado, here is my daily routine for a typical weekday!


6:30am- Matt typically gets up first to start a fire in our wood burning stove to warm up the house. I’ll get up and get ready and get breakfast/coffee going, throw a load of laundry in and then the kids are usually up shortly after. It’s basically impossible to wake up way before my kids to have time to do a devotional or drink my coffee in peace. I’ve tried to wake up earlier and earlier and they just end up getting up earlier and earlier with me so I gave up. Haha!

7:30am- After Matt leaves for work and breakfast is over, we take about 30 min to get dressed and do our basic chores. My kids are ages 5, 3, and 2 so their chores are things helping me unload the dishwasher, making their beds, and putting their clothes away. After that we jump right into our homeschool lesson. We’re using the Peaceful Preschool curriculum and LOVE it so far!

9:30– Snack time! I have things like fruit, trail mix, yogurt, Lara bars, and other snacks that are quick, easy, and fill their little tummies!

10:00am-11:30am– If the weather is nice, we spend the rest of the morning outside, finish our homeschool activities, have a play date, or run errands. If we’re outside, I’ll do some yard work (chopping wood or shoveling snow in winter time, gardening in the warmer months) while the kids play. I love listening to them make up games, go on imaginary adventures, and gardening with them! If it’s too cold or rainy we’ll do some watercolor or drawing inside while I tidy up the common areas of the house. 


5:30pm– Matt gets home from work and then it’s dinner time! When wedding season is in full gear it’s a bit more hectic on the weekends since I’m gone all day on Saturdays or Sundays and things shift around a little more. If I have a lot of editing to do, I’ll do more crockpot dinners during the week and when Matt gets home from work I just lock myself in my room for an hour or so to have some really focused, uninterrupted time to work.

6:00pm– After dinner we like to let the kids watch a show while we clean the kitchen up.

6:30pm– Matt is usually finishing up cleaning while I get a bath going for the others.

7:00pm– After the kid’s bath time, Matt and I workout together. I personally prefer working out in the morning but it was important to me to have Matt as a workout buddy to hold me accountable and this was the only time during the day that worked for us. We’ve been doing 15-20min workouts from Madfit (a youtube channel) and they absolutely crush me. After we workout, I usually shower first and Matt plays with the kids and then we switch and he showers while I read to them.

8:00pm- We get the kids ready for bed. After they are in bed, Matt and I will either read, watch something on Netflix, or I’ll do more work/editing/blogging/social media planning. Right before bed I like to get my planner out and write down my to-dos for the next day. We try to be in bed by 10 or 10:30pm (sometimes it’s later) so we get some good rest!

So there you have it! It’s nothing crazy or extraordinary but that’s typically how a normal weekday goes for us. There are definitely days where my daily routine is interrupted and I may have to shift things forward but I’ve noticed that I am way more productive when I follow a rhythm/routine and not a schedule.

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