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My top three money saving apps

May 28, 2019

Let me just start by saying that I am not affiliated with any of these apps and am not being sponsored one bit! I personally use all of these apps myself and would not be writing this blog I didn’t. I can’t tell you how valuable each one of these was to me during our season of unemployment and even now with our new job! They have all taught me to be more intentional with my spending and have helped me save towards all of my goals (my latest being my Kitchenaid mixer!). So here are my top three!

1. Ibotta

I love using this app for savings on my groceries and have saved $150 since I started! I’ve used the money to buy extras for my business (SD cards, etc) and it’s really been a game changer with our groceries.

How it works: Ibotta works a lot like digital coupons- you simply find your grocery store and tap the rebates that apply to you. After you shop, take a picture of your receipt, upload, and BOOM- money in your account. (You can even use it for online groceries too! I use it when I pick up my groceries from Walmart and save $3 every time!)

Why I love it: What I love about this app is that it actually has rebates/coupons for items that I ACTUALLY buy! Like kombucha, organic snacks, and even produce. They also have “Any Brand” rebates, for example, you can buy any brand of yogurt and get money back! ANNNND for some stores now you can link your loyalty card and skip the whole receipt upload step altogether! I’ve linked my Kroger Plus card and so the only thing I have to do is select the rebates and then go shop! You can transfer your savings to your PayPal or Venmo account or redeem them for gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, to name a few ;)). And the best part- this app is FREE! You can click HERE to download the app and start saving on groceries ASAP!

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