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August 9, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! I’m getting back on the blogging train and thought I’d share some personal updates since our big move up to NY back in May. For those of you that don’t know, my husbabe Matt got a job with the Forest Service and is currently working as a Program Specialist at Grey Towers National Historic Site. It’s a stunning place to work and the birth place of the Forest Service so it’s been pretty neat to learn about the history and beginnings of conservation and forest management in the U.S. Anyway, here’s what’s new about our life in NY and a few updates with our family!

Life is slower….in a good way. Our little farmhouse rental was built in 1900 and is plopped  on the side of a mountain in Eldred, NY which is a little less than 2 hours from New York City and sits right next to the Delaware River. It’s more of a vacation town and a lot of the residents live in the city and come to their second homes on the weekend to get away. So during the week it’s just us and nature! The population in Eldred is 700 so it’s pretty rural and completely surrounded by mountains and woods. Even though it takes a 30-45min drive to get places, we appreciate the quiet and getting to slow down a bit. It can be trying at times for my “can’t be idle” self…but I’m so appreciative of this focused season. I think God has been setting me up for a season like this to just see and savor Jesus so that is what I’m trying to do!

We also love getting to see all the wildlife around us! Our home sits on 5 acres with a pond so lots of animals pass through! Our current residents include two garter snakes, quite a few colorful birds, lots of mama deer and their babies, a few black bears, a wild turkey who only comes out when it rains, a heron who fishes in our pond, and a few rabbits. It’s always an adventure when we go outside! 

I’m an associate photographer for SenecaRyanCo! Right before I moved, I decided to join the Tuesdays Together Facebook page near my new town so I could connect with other wedding professionals and photographers. I don’t know if you know this, but moving a photography business across the country is not the easiest. Things can be slow going when reaching clients in a new area so I didn’t expect to have anything on the books for the rest of the year (or the one after that to be honest). Long story short, I met Seneca—an amazing wedding photographer based in the Montrose, PA area and joined her team of photographers as an associate! It’s been such a blessing to continue to shoot weddings this summer and fall, keep my skills and creativity up, and also help pay the bills! And don’t worry! Wesche Photography is still alive and kicking (and actually booking weddings and families for 2020)! I’ve just been focusing a little more energy on the branding, business, and SEO side of things.

The kids are amazing. I was so worried about our three kiddos when we moved. We left all our friends and family in GA and was concerned they’d have a hard time adjusting and miss everyone. And while there are still moments where Emma will look at me with tears brimming and just say “I miss my friends,” or James will say “Can we go back home to Georgia?” They all have adapted well to these big changes and those homesick moments are happening less and less. We’ve just been exploring our new home, trying out LOTS of new baking recipes, going on adventures along the Delaware River, blueberry picking & visiting farms, and we have even more fun things planned for the fall. I’m so thankful they have each other because they all have really bonded and become best friends. We’ve been going to a wonderful church with lots of wonderful new friends and will be starting our homeschool year next week with the Peaceful Press. SO excited!

This season of slow has been sweet…and sometimes trying…but mostly sweet with it being just us. The past year and a half was a whirlwind of unemployment, questions, and spiritual wrestling matches so it’s just been nice to breathe. And sit. And be. I finally feel like I have time to do the things I’ve always wanted to try or learn—like baking bread or learning how to sew. (Yes…I’ve become a grandma and I’m totally ok with that!) And also finally realize that just because life feels slower and less busy, I don’t have to fill my days with endless to-do lists in order to feel like I was productive. I can spend more time reading and seeking Jesus which is what I believe this season of life is all about.

And that’s all of the major updates I have for this round! Anything else you want to know about our move up North? Leave me a comment!

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