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My Misfits Market Box

April 23, 2020

Hey friends! Lemme tell you about a subscription delivery service I freaking love- Misfits Market. This awesome biz sources sometimes funny looking organic produce from farms and grocery stores that are unable to sell them and delivers them to your front door at almost half the price. They offer two different sized boxes–The Mischief Box and The Madness Box– and also have things you can add on to your boxes like Bob’s Red Mill dry goods, canned goods, and high demand produce. So today I wanted to share an example of what I get in my Misfits Market box and share some tips for how I use the produce :).

This is what came in our Misfits Market box. We started with the Mischief Box (10-13lbs of produce, pictured above), but recently upgraded to the Madness Box (18-22lbs) since the pandemic and since we also started eating more of a plant centered diet.

The thing to remember is that each box is a surprise! You can generally guess what you’ll be getting based on the season (we got lots of root veggies and squash in the winter!) but they offer a great mix of fruits and veggies and even some things I’d never heard of! I love the surprise element because it challenges me to use things I maybe wouldn’t normally buy and learn new recipes. They also include a different recipe card in each box to give you ideas of how to use your produce.

Misfits Market
We added canned tomatoes to this box 🙂

I definitely recommend starting with their smaller box (the Mischief Box) to get an idea of how much food you would use during the week. The Madness Box is great for bigger families and those that cook pretty much every day. We have 3 kids and cook all the time so once COVID-19 hit, we upgraded to the Madness Box and even add on things to it now.

There have been a few occasions where I get a lot of one thing or don’t know what to do with some of the veggies. Here are a few tips for using the veggies before they go bad.

  1. Juice them! We get beets sometimes and NO ONE in our family likes them. So I like to juice them and freeze the juice in an ice cube tray. Then whenever I make smoothies, I’ll pop one or two cubes in, blend it up with a bunch of fruit, and the kids can’t even tell! If you get a ton of citrus (one time I got 4 large grapefruits and a bunch of oranges and lemons) then make a yummy flavored lemonade. Seriously…the possibilities are endless with juicing.
  2. Roast them! Got a bunch of veggies you don’t know what to do with? Just chop them up, toss them in some olive oil, salt and pepper them generously and roast them at 425 for 20ish minutes. Voila!
  3. Pickle them! A few times we’ve gotten LOTS of cucumbers or a few heads of cabbage. So I’ll quick pickle the cucumbers and make sauerkraut/kimchi with the cabbage. It’s super easy and so good for you too!
  4. Freeze them! I like to prep and freeze things like green beans, zucchini, or even bell peppers if I get too many. All of the things I’ve frozen from past boxes have been life savers, especially during this time of quarantine.
Misfits Market

Here are my favorite things about my Misfits Market box:

Affordable, QUALITY Produce. The Mischief Box is $22 a month and the Madness is $35 for quality, ORGANIC produce. It has saved us so much money on our grocery bill!

Reduces Food Waste. Almost half of all produce harvested in the United States is never eaten. Fruits and vegetables go unpicked in fields or get thrown away at the store, simply because they don’t look good.

It helps everyone. Helps farmers find a market for the things they grow. Makes healthy options more accessible and fresh whole foods more central to our diet. Reduces the amount of perfectly edible food from ending up in landfills.

Basically I cannot sing their praises enough. I highly recommend checking out their website to see if they deliver to your area and trying them out. They have been a game changer for us! And you can use the code COOKWME-KC7LXU to get 25% off of your first box!

Let me know if use them and what you think! Happy Thursday Friends!

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