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My Favorite Clean Skincare – Biossance

May 7, 2020

My skin struggles

#vulnerablealert. I have always struggled with blemish prone skin ever since I was in high school but just in the past few months I noticed I started breaking out with blemishes along my jawline way worse than I have in years. I tried alllll kinds of over the counter products and even some oil cleansers with no real success in calming my skin. Everything either stripped my skin, or left my skin greasy and made me break out more. I was looking for clean skincare that used natural ingredients and that’s when I stumbled on what has become my favorite clean skincare – Biossance. *Disclaimer- I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by Biossance. I just realllllyyy love their products and wanted to share my experience with you!*

And before I begin let me just say that I totally believe that healthy skin starts from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water and eating foods that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants contribute to clearer skin. I definitely notice I breakout more when I eat specific foods or things that have a lot of processed sugar in them (inflammatory response). I’ve recently cut all processed sugars out of my diet and focused on more of a plant based, fermented food diet (no I’m not a vegetarian/vegan- I just swapped my meat to veggie ratio- so meat has become more of a side dish now) and it has helped A TON with my skin. Is it perfect? No, but I do notice that my blemishes are less frequent and aren’t nearly as bad. Combining a healthier diet with my favorite clean skincare has absolutely been the best solution for me.

Why Biossance?

I could write a novel about why I love Biossance so you can click HERE for all of the reasons why I love them so much (committed to clean ingredients that are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, toxic chemicals, and they use renewable resources etc.) But the main reason why I use this line is because it actually WORKS for my skin! I’ve noticed an improvement in texture, management of blemishes, and overall hydration. And if you know me at all, you know I’m all about businesses and products that use natural ingredients and are sustainable and better for the environment. Biossance just checked all the boxes for me!


My Regimen

Since my top concern was managing my blemishes- mainly hormonal acne along my jawline, I chose to try their skin balancing starter kit. Here is what comes with this specific kit:

  • Squalane + Tea Tree Oil Gel Cleanser
  • Squalane+ Tea Tree Oil Detox Mask
  • Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer
  • Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil

The hero ingredients in this regimen is the squalane oil and tea tree oil. The squalane hydrates while the tea tree has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. I also added their Squalane+ Lactic Acid Resurfacing Serum to my nightly routine and it. is. a. game. changer. I’ve only been using this regimen for almost a month and I already notice a difference in the texture, luminosity, and how much calmer my skin is! And this isn’t easy for me because of being insecure about my skin (so please be kind!) but I have to show you proof! (excuse my poor iPhone photos!)

How I use my regimen

I use this regimen morning and night and in the morning I cleanse, moisturize, and then finish with the oil and at night I will cleanse, use the resurfacing serum, moisturize, and then use the oil. The main thing about these products is that I really love how they layer and make my skin feel. My skin doesn’t feel stripped and dry and it doesn’t feel super thick and oily. I thought by layering the products it would feel sticky and heavy but it all melts into my skin and leaves me feeling like my skin had a big drink of water. I’m reordering the cleanser and want to try their Squalane+ Vitamin C Rose Oil next! (I got a sample of it with my last order and love it!)

I cannot recommend this company enough so if you are looking to switch your skincare regimen, I definitely recommend starting with one of Biossance’s products. They have quickly become my favorite clean skincare company and I’m super excited for you to try them out as well! And since I’m all about saving money these days you can shop through this link and get $15 off of your first purchase!

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